A comparison of the hard and the soft aspects of quality management

History[ edit ] InThe Wall Street Journal set up and has continued to maintain a "hard" paywall. Other papers, prominently The New York Timeshave oscillated between the implementation and removal of various paywalls. Critics of paywalls include many businesspeople, academics such as media professor Jay Rosen, and journalists such as Howard Owens and media analyst Matthew Ingram of GigaOm.

A comparison of the hard and the soft aspects of quality management

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Areas within HRM like Manpower planning, Job analysis, Selection and Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits, Performance evaluations, Contract negotiations and Labor legislations are parts of hard HRM - whereas functions like Organizational development, conflict management, human resource education, leadership development, organizational culture, and relationship building are components of soft HRM.

A comparison of the hard and the soft aspects of quality management

There is not a really big difference between Human ResourceManagement and Personnel Management, in actual fact "HumanResources" have largely replaced the term "Personnel Management". Human Resource Management is basically much broader in scope thanPersonnel Management. Human Resource Management could be described in two ways.

The reason being that there strategies are ongoingand they constantly work towards managing and developing anorganisations workforce. Human Resource Management is the type of Management where almosteverybody in Managing Position can play a part in Training andDevelopment.

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They aim to have many different Managers in variousdepartments with the necessary skills to handle employee tasks athand.

Personnel Management can be described as reactive. The reason why Iwould say this is because of the way they operate.

An example ofthis would be that they respond to demands and concerns as they arepresented. Personnel Management could also be seen as a independent way ofmanaging. It is a sole responsibility of the organisation.

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Human resources is saidto incorporate and develop personnel management tasks, whileseeking to create and develop teams of workers for the benefit ofthe organization.

A primary goal of human resources is to enableemployees to work to a maximum level of efficiency. Personnel management can includeadministrative tasks that are both traditional and routine. It canbe described as reactive, providing a response to demands andconcerns as they are presented. Personnel management is often consideredan independent function of an organization.

Human resourcemanagement, on the other hand, tends to be an integral part ofoverall company function. As far as motivators are concerned,personnel management typically seeks to motivate employees withsuch things as compensation, bonuses, rewards, and thesimplification of work responsibilities.

From the personnelmanagement point of view, employee satisfaction provides themotivation necessary to improve job performance.

A comparison of the hard and the soft aspects of quality management

The opposite istrue of human resources. Human resource management holds thatimproved performance leads to employee satisfaction.Aspects of Total Quality Management 1. By Noel C. Santos, M.D.“Cases” – Aspects of Total Quality Management 2.

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According to the link above: Firm: Infrequent deadline misses are tolerable, but may degrade the system's quality of service. The usefulness of a result is zero after its deadline. Criteria for measuring and comparing information systems Joel Palmius Mid Sweden University Palmius, J: Criteria for measuring and comparing information systems quality of IS, but rather with quality management systems in general, or in other.

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