A discussion on the implementation of the zero tolerance law signed by president bill clinton in 199

Army's training guide on the homosexual conduct policy, gave official guidelines on what can be considered credible information of someone's homosexuality. Engaging in sodomy has been grounds for discharge from the American military since the Revolutionary War. When the military added psychiatric screening to its induction process, it included homosexuality as a disqualifying trait, then seen as a form of psychopathology. When the army issued revised mobilization regulations init distinguished "homosexual" recruits from "normal" recruits for the first time.

A discussion on the implementation of the zero tolerance law signed by president bill clinton in 199

By Bill Holmes With the tragedies that have happened in the last few years at some of our schools, security our teachers and children seems to be a topic of discussion in many of our newscasts and newspapers.

Let's get this straight right up front. Protection of our children is our most important duty both as parents and as a society.

But at the risk of being politically incorrect let me ask the question: At what cost to our school budgets, teachers, parents and most importantly our children?

No one can deny that incidents like the Columbine High School shootings in or the more recent Sandy Hook Elementary shootings at the end of last year are tragic. They rip our guts out. There is no way to rationalize the deaths of so many children in such a senseless manner.

The fact that these tragedies are reported, talked about and analyzed on every news outlet makes them hard to get away from. We are constantly reminded of them and forced to think about them even when we need a respite.

We can accept when a child dies from disease or an accident. Those things are the luck of the draw. That doesn't make it easy but it's part of the way things have been for all time.

Some children don't make it to adulthood. We do a much better job of getting our young through childhood than we ever have before in our history.

A discussion on the implementation of the zero tolerance law signed by president bill clinton in 199

Medicine, sanitation and improved nutrition means the vast majority of kids are now expected to survive childhood. That makes it even harder to accept when a child dies. We expect all our children to make it safely to adulthood.

Now we have what we think is a new problem. That would be school violence.

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I don't mean a pushing match in the cafeteria between students. I mean when an armed maniac enters a school campus and kills people. Sandy Hook and Columbine are the worst cases but there are others. Jilted lovers go to schools to confront their ex who is a teacher or employee and it gets violent, maybe with collateral victims.

A gang turf war erupts on campus and escalates.

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There has always been some violence in schools. Anytime you get a few hundred kids together in the same place there are bound to be disagreements. When I went to school those disagreements were settle by the students with fists or a wrestling match and the discipline was enforced by the teachers.In , President Bill Clinton signed the Gun Free Schools Act, which provides schools with additional funding if they enact zero tolerance policies for weapons on campus.

Under the Federal Gun-Free Schools Act, local educational agencies that receive Federal funding are required to expel any student who either brings a firearm to school or. Thomas A. Birkland and Regina G.


Lawrence Media Framing and Policy Change After Columbine. anniversary of Columbine approached and President Clinton challenged Congress to.

zero tolerance. President George Bush Sr., and President Bill Clinton cooperated with Bashar’s father, President Hafiz al-Asad, in fighting the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in –91 and in advancing the Syrian-Israeli peace process from to The rise in marijuana use among American teenagers became a prominent issue during last year's presidential campaign, fueled by Republican accusations that President Bill Clinton was "soft on drugs." Teenage marijuana use has indeed grown considerably since ; by one measure it has doubled.

On November 28, , President Clinton signed legislation that included a provision forcing states to adopt and enforce a "zero tolerance" policy against teenage drinking and driving ("U.S.

Enacts 'Zero Tolerance' of Drinking by Teenage Drivers," Substance Abuse Letter, December 4, , p. 3). The presidency of George W. Bush began at noon EST on January 20, , when George W. Bush was inaugurated as the 43rd President of the United States, and ended on January 20, Bush, a Republican, took office following a very close victory over Democratic incumbent Vice President Al Gore in the presidential election.

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