Checkpoint money

I hope they dont collect naira from illegal immigrants too and allow them into our country. Please the country is full.

Checkpoint money

Checkpoint money

A dissenting view from a Pennsylvania Supreme Court judge that points out DUI checkpoints are less effective in terms of manpower and arrests for removing drunk drivers from the road than other policing methods and consequently should be deemed unconstitutional.

Discover it for yourself in these statistics published by the Pima County Sheriff Dept. There are opportunity costs associated with every choice we make. How many drunk drivers went undetected on our roads because the sheriff was too busy harassing 36, law abiding individuals to notice them?

Pima County Sheriff Department A well researched and Checkpoint money policy paper by Radley Balko, formerly of the CATO institute, detailing the latest rise in the war on alcohol and the price we're paying for it. Supreme Court has ruled that any law enforcement agency conducting suspicionless checkpoints must generate guidelines to minimize individual officer discretion at the checkpoint and limit the primary purpose of the checkpoint to issues of immediate public safety.

This means government agents can't engage in general crime control absent individual suspicion of wrongdoing but can look for impaired drivers who may pose an immediate danger to the traveling public.

I acquired a copy of checkpoint guidelines from the Pima County Sheriff Department after submitting an Open Records request to the agency. The documentation appearing below is the result of that request. Of interest in this documentation is that individuals can choose to avoid a checkpoint by turning around prior to entering it and driving away.

Additionally, individuals can refuse to roll down their window and interact with the police absent reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. The documentation indicates the police cannot take action against individuals choosing to exercise their rights in this fashion but does indicate such individuals may be subject to additional scrutiny.

Also of interest is how police officers are paid for participating in these unreasonable searches and seizures. More regarding this issue can be found in the next section.

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Woolridge regarding the upcoming roadblock operation. The memo indicates the operation will be funded by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety and that all participants should work their schedule so that time spent at the roadblock constitutes overtime.

Of interest are the instructions that absent reasonable suspicion, individuals who choose to avoid the roadblock or not roll down their window and interact with officers after being stopped should be allowed to go on their way.

In addition, a driver's license check or check for other documentation was not part of the operation. When I first started researching the question of where the money was coming from to pay for suspicionless checkpoint operations in Pima County, I quickly discovered it wasn't originating from local sources.

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Rather, it was originating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSAa federal agency that doles out hundreds of millions of dollars annually to states for various traffic related programs. In Arizona it works like this. The GOHS turns around and redistributes this money to local law enforcement agencies willing to adopt the NHTSA's agenda of proliferating suspicionless checkpoints around the country.

Specifically, sheriff deputies participating in roadblock operations are paid overtime from funds provided by the NHTSA and the sheriff's dept. Please note the federal control numbers on the forms.

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Checkpoint money

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Basically, this checkpoint required you to pay money to use it. The price would be on the front next to the dollar sign. You would then stand on the checkpoint, and if you had enough money, it would lower into the ground and activate.

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