Crumbling steps of marriage

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Crumbling steps of marriage

Uncategorized Leave a Comment With the upcoming decision next month to be handed down from the Supreme Court Crumbling steps of marriage same-sex marriage, the president of the Lutheran Church-Misdouri Synod has written to all the pastors of the synod, and his remarks are worth reading for all laity as well.

Below is the full text of his letter. Dear brothers, In the face of another radical cultural shift — a denial of God and His creation, a rejection of Christ, the Ten Commandments and God-given natural law Romans 1 — a great Lutheran responded with truths that are also true for our times: The lie is the death of man, his temporal and his eternal death.

The lie kills nations. The most powerful nations of the world have been laid waste because of their lies. History knows of no more unsettling sight than the judgment rendered upon the people of an advanced culture who have rejected the truth and are swallowed upon in a sea of lies.

Where this happens, as in the case of declining pagan antiquity, religion and law, poetry and philosophy, life in marriage and family, in the state and society — in short, one sphere of life after another falls sacrifice to the power and curse of the lie.

Where man can no longer bear the truth, he cannot live without the lie. Where man denies that he and others are dying, the terrible dissolution [of his culture] is held up as a glorious ascent, and decline is viewed as an advance, the likes of which has never been experienced.

Hermann Sasse, Union and Confession, In just a few weeks, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on the legality of same-sex marriage in America and roll out the implications of that ruling for individual states.

This will be the earnest beginning of a very long struggle for faithful Christians who will, more and more, be driven from participation in the culture.

We shall come to know and understand parts of the Word of God like never before. Brothers, the battle has already been won. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has already defeated the foe.

Satan surrendered at Golgotha. But what do we do? If the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage is legal in every state or must be recognized in every state, what is our response?

We stand fast 2 Thess. We live in and by our Savior, who calls us to stay the course, to repent of our sin, to be in the Word of God and in prayer. We take legal action where absolutely necessary. The plan fits the nature of the Church: She works in the world for the long haul.

She keeps telling real people about a real Jesus, from black-robed Supreme Court justices to the protestors on the steps of that building to the young people in college watching the ruling unfold to those of us who never imagined we would see this seismic shift in our lifetime.

And she lives to demonstrate the mercy and love of Christ 1 John 3:I saw the crumbling steps as a metaphor for the couple’s crumbling marriage. I urged them to have the steps repaired quickly because the blocked entrance was symbolically blocking their lives.

A few weeks later Angie e-mailed me that they finished the repairs to the steps. Legal marriage may be redefined, and outcomes we never imagined will occur. But these don’t surprise or alarm us.

The crumbling culture merely proves that what began in the Garden of Eden is still prevalent today, that we are sinners among sinners, that we are all in need of Christ’s mercy and grace. HARARE - Socialite Pokello Nare, who allegedly received a Toyota Hilux Vigo bought by her step father, ex-Finance minister Ignatius Chombo using State funds, is putting on a brave face.

This is despite the fact that the so-called queen of swagger’s marriage to Ghanaian Elikem Kumordzie is . Gary Gutting is a Notre Dame philosophy professor who thinks that what counts about arguments is whether they “work.” And so his complaint against natural-law arguments for Catholic teachings about sex is that they “no longer work (if they ever did)”.

Crumbling steps of marriage

The economic downturn is putting stress on marriages at every income level. Whether it's a job eliminated in an automobile plant or stock losses in the retirement portfolio, unwelcome lifestyle changes have become necessary for many people.

Major economic worries affect both individual well-being and the couple relationship.

Crumbling steps of marriage

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