Goals for writing across the curriculum video

I invite you to pause, jot down that shopping list and put it aside because in the next ten minutes I want to give you some practical steps to writing your curriculum goals and this comes from some trial, error and celebration! At your school or district, what do you believe are the key elements of outstanding curriculum? As a district, how do you develop curriculum fidelity?

Goals for writing across the curriculum video

Jennifer Gipson, Assistant Professor of French jgipson wisc. This class will trace these and other questions of cultural and linguistic identity through the study of literary texts; political and religious writings; maps; film; folk narrative; music; and customary practices.

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We will also be attentive to ways that cultural artifacts or traditional practices become part of broader economic, artistic, or ideological exchanges. All lectures and class work in English. Note that this class meets the Ethnic Studies Requirement: Our assignments will be geared towards the four essential learning goals associated with this requirement: Thus, we will work to draw parallels between different parts of this class and to relate themes of this class in relation to larger questions.

In short, success in this class requires that you think about course topics e. Primary Learning Goals of Project —Synthesize knowledge by relating item from the Wisconsin Historical Society to class themes —Discover how objects texts, maps, photographs, etc.

Ethnic Studies Essential Learning Outcomes —Learn about campus resources, special collections, and why primary documents matter— —Develop sensitivity to registers of oral and written discourse in preparing an audio essay First Day of Class -Reflection: If you had to pick five objects to tell the story of your life… -Discussion: What would a history of Wisconsin in five object look like?

What is WAC/WID?

Think about how objects tell stories and how histories or archives are defined by choices that people make. Last Day of Class -Students presented a UW google sites page with an image of their item, a short abstract, an audio essay with transcript, and a one sentence question they sought to answer example used with permission: Online facsimile at http: Conference with professor students bring a carefully written one-sentence question that they seek to answer with their object.

This challenges students to distill the importance of the object into one sentence, building on skills hones in our regular word sentence assignments. The question also provided a convenient way for me to check to make sure students were on track before they completed an audio essay script draft for their Writing Fellow.

Software Training for Students sessions: Selected Evaluation Criteria Quality of analysis analysis description Ability to relate object to overall class concepts Effective communication differences between written and spoken discourse Resources for assignment design UW Libraries and the Wisconsin Historical Society UW Design Lab:FTS is central to our Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program at Gustavus.

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After all, it's the College's most important and intensive introduction to academic writing for students. Writing Across the Curriculum.

goals for writing across the curriculum video

Supporting faculty and teaching assistants as they teach with writing. Sequencing Assignments in Your Course; Using a Semester-Long Writing Project to Support Essential Learning Goals; Using a Semester-Long Writing Project to Support Essential Learning Goals.

Aligning Curriculum Within and Across Grades This video shows the English Language Arts department and grade-level teams at Covington Middle School working to vertically and horizontally align their curriculum, using state and district standards.

As daunting as writing across the curriculum may sound to some teachers, there are a lot of positive things about incorporating writing into your lesson plans! . be an effective tool to be used in achieving these goals. Writing Across the Curriculum extends the value of writing into content areas, by promoting active engagement of students with disciplinary knowledge.

Video clips, images, sounds, and written text are all potentially access­. Video Links 47 ENVIRONMENT/PUBLIC POLICY Chapter 8: Green Power 48 composition programs outlines a set of recommended goals. While recognizing that writing is a complex process that requires time and continued practice, the Writing and Reading .

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