How has conflict impacted afghanistan

Reuters The war in Afghanistan continues destroying lives, due to the direct consequences of violence and the war-induced breakdown of public health, security, and infrastructure. Civilians have been killed by crossfire, improvised explosive devices IEDsassassinations, bombings, and night raids into houses of suspected insurgents. Even in the absence of fighting, unexploded ordnance from previous wars and United States cluster bombs continue to kill. Hospitals in Afghanistan are treating large numbers of war wounded, including amputees and burn victims.

How has conflict impacted afghanistan

Click image for full graphic. Paul Scruton for the Guardian Afghanistan has changed in many and complex ways in the 10 years since operation enduring freedom began. In this time we have had insights into the reality of war quite unlike any before.

The Afghanistan war logs gave insights into the numbers of explosive devises and the deaths these have caused. Freedom of Information requests have revealed the details of Afghanistan civilian deaths. We have even seen the compensation Afghan civilians have received from the MoD.

The Guardian has created interactive map displays of the region, using the wikileaks Afghanistan war log data. There are also interactive guides to the people affected by the conflictand their insider views.

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Over the 10 years Guardian datablog readers have created some insightful graphic displays of the situation in Afghanistan. On the 10 year anniversary of conflict we have How has conflict impacted afghanistan the key data where the datablog has focussed on Afghanistan to make more sense of the war.

These are key facts that help to make the conflict a little clearer. Click the headings to read more on each. US casualties by state Afghanistan deaths by US state interactive.

Click image to see it Which US states have been hit worst by the war in Afghanistan? Over 1, Americans have died in the country since and we wanted to examine the impact on lives in the US.

It shows that Texas and California have lost the most people in Afghanistan - and by the end of May this year.

They have also had the most wounded - andrespectively. But they are also the most populous states and if you look at deaths per capita, a different picture emerges, with tiny Maine hit the hardest - 1. Civilian casualties Afghanistan civilian casualties statistics. Suicide bombings and improvised explosive devices IEDs have killed the most Afghan civilians according to the UN, with 1, losing their life as a result.

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Southern Afghanistan witnessed half of these with Helmand province and Kandahar province proving the most dangerous. Click image to see it When Wikileaks released 92, leaked records from the war in Afghanistan, they shed a new light on the conflict. Suddenly at least until theIraq documents were released this became the most-documented war in history with detailed records of each incident involving coalition forces.

As the data was structured we have mapped it here - and you can download it to compare casualties by civilians, coalition forces, Afghan forces and the Taliban and where they happened. We have also used the data to map every IED attack.

They show how the south - where British and Canadian troops have been based - was the focus for attacks on Western forces. Who else is in Isaf? German soldiers patrol in Mazar-i-Sharif. But who are the other partners? Britain is the second biggest, with 9, followed by Germany with 4, All of these numbers are big increases on the size of forces in So, what will happen if tens of thousands of US troops leave?

The other Nato countries are preparing to leave too. Perhaps the most interesting numbers are at the bottom of the scale - with boots on the ground from Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore and the Ukraine. What has the cost been for British forces?

Today, with the latest casualties, that figure is up to How Has Conflict Impacted Afghanistan Essay What impacts has conflict had on Afghanistan? The Afghanistan war began in after the intervention of the U.S into the Afghanistan civil war after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The Conflict in Afghanistan Left ravaged by centuries of invasion and infighting, Afghanistan showed signs of progress after the fall of the Taliban in However, the central Asian country has since lost traction as the government of Hamid Karzai struggles to retain any control outside of the capital city of Kabul, and Taliban forces show signs of resurgence.

Jan 29,  · Afghanistan has been at constant war, and is still in one today known as the "Afghan War". Due to constant war, Afghanistan's health care, economy, and education has been devastated, but how did the war really effect Afghanistan?

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How has conflict impacted afghanistan

Jun 09,  · As prisoners are exchanged and the combat portion of the long and exhausting U.S. involvement in the war in Afghanistan winds down, the brazen .

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Many things in Afghanistan were impacted due to the conflict taking place in Afghanistan such as the economy, health and literacy rate. In addition to these important things such as infrastructure, health and education are also being affected due to this dreadful war.

The armed conflict has affected virtually everyone in Afghanistan – either directly or indirectly. Many of those affected by the conflict have had to leave their homes, suffered serious damage to their property, have limited access to basic necessities, have lost contact with relatives or have lost their livelihoods.

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